Monthly Archives: April 2009


Today, i ask him again
“have money now?”
The result is that guy offline

What the fuxx?
So I ask friend too see that guy is it banned me.
And the answer is yes.
It is enough to see though a man that is good or not.

I know that guy 5 years or more.
So I always share the good things to him.
And I know that is wrong.

I know human should get the experience from the history.
But I don’t know that comes fast like that.
I have no time to digest it.

Till now,i know it.
For the best friend, I shouldn’t lend you any money.
For the normal friend, maybe can lend u some money.
And For You, I mustn’t chat with u ANYMORE.

Best friend? Haha that is a joke.

Mozy – Free Backup Software + 2GB Space


This software i used long long time.
That is reliable and helpful.

Before I use this program for my small old web server (threw)
until now i can see my web server’s file
inside have lots of memory in past
just like a screenshot and some photos took by my first 2.0MP mobile

You may download [url=]here[/url].

Something creepy

When i finished my lunch,
and walk back to my school.

Suddenly, i saw something.
Just like a doll with some blood.

I watch it carefully again,
Its a dead body!!!
The dead man’s creepy head with some “腦漿”.
That is unforgetable [sosad]


Here is the source :

Macau Tour

In early morning ,whole family wake up and prepare a trip to macau.
Actually this is my first time to macau , i feel quite excited.

After breakfast and meet sister’s bf, we get on turbojet and go to macau.
Oh shit that’s fast :o)

Thats my sister’s head, she is sick for sea wave [sosad]

Finally, arrived macau
the first place we go is “松山”.
There have a little cable car.
But that is not available at monday.

Then we go 大三吧,
we take bus to go it.
it feels quite uncomfortable.


at night we go a dessert shop to dinner (yes that is strange)
the food’s name also quite strange
but that is delicious


Wake up at 8:xx
and go to hotel’s restaurant and eat breakfast buffet.

There only have few type of food.
I eat lots of vegetable and rice [sosad].