Monthly Archives: April 2009

Great theory

When a people is getting old, likes me.
He will need more and more money.

So, where the money come from?
Your parents?
They won’t support u forever.

When i bathing, i was thinking the english test at last week.
Many of my classmate failed.
only few classmate passed, included me.
But i feel that i was lucky so i passed,
and won’t happen in next time.
Can i prevent the something simular happen again?

I think that i must become more hard working.
I saw many of my f.5 friends,
they are quite painful for the ce.

I must learn more vocabulary to prevent fail.
Also i know that my grammar is great,
so i planned to learn 3 words in one day and try to do the exercise on my grammar book.

I hope that englsih won’t fail in ce.
Maybe i write the simular things ever week can improve my english lololol

The day of sad

Its the last day of exam
And its the day before easter holiday
Today is exciting and sad

The exciting things is just saw something at lunchtime
Its make me excited [so :o)]

The sad part is about the game from Play-Asia.
Last sunday, i bought guitar hero and designed to play with dk.
But i dunno when they will deliver.
And i feel quite scare in the school times.

When i walking back to my home,
and i see a speedpost car outside franco’s home.
At that time,
I through that i missed the mail.
And that is ture. [img][/img]