Os X


Jazz promote mac os to me recently,
and I have this idea long time ago.
Then I decided to install it to my computer.

I used one day to fix the problem and install the driver,
that is a hard job.
Finally, mac can use in my computer perfectly.
Also, i can use back vista too (dual boot).

First, using mac just like using other linux just like ubuntu and fedora.
But mac is beautiful a lot than linux.
Mac has a lot of software.
What you can do in windows,what you can do in mac.
I think mac is more user-friendly than windows.
Lots of program use 2-3step then finish install.
Thats great.

The only cons for me,
is mac didn’t support ati’s card.
It is a big problem and make me feel sad.
And that cause me used few hours to find the driver and install it.

I love it and also hate it.

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