Monthly Archives: May 2009


When i apply adsense to improve my revenue,
google always deny my application with some reason.

Just like last time i apply,
few hours later they sent me a email.
And said “Your web is not easy to read”

WTF,i just check email again.
they used 12 minutes then replied me.
Just like last time,
the reason is “Your web is not easy to read”

your eyes have problem?
My web is not easy to read?
How come??

And i just know something.
They haven’t watch or check my web.
Then deny my application.
Damn it.


I tell you google,
I won’t give up.
I will keep apply until u accept my application.

A place that help you thinks

Do you have a place to thinks?
When you in it,
you can thinks lots of things that helps you to go a right way.

Where is my place?
The answer is bathroom.
If you know me a lot,
you will know me do what in it.
Poo, Bath, Pee…etc

For me,
toilet give me a silence place that allow me cogitate lots of things.
When i sad, i can go in and have a poo.
Then I will become happy again.

So, where is your place.
If u haven’t that place,
then u should find it.
It can help u a lot.