Monthly Archives: June 2009

First day of exam

Yes feeling good again.
The reading parts is damn easy.

Just dunno why nonsteam server engineer’s stuff all no work.
That is quite funny. [sosad]
And i feel huntsman is useful now.

PS.Today is 20th anniversary of Tiananmen crackdown.
I’m feeling quite sad because i’m the one of china citizen

A useful tf2 fake idle tool


After valve released that stupid system to get unlockable weapons,
some smart tf2 players created “Idle Server”.
Because that stupid system is according ur gaming time.
If u have longer gaming time, then u will get more unlockable weapons.
But the bad side is u have to open your team fortress 2 to get weapons,
which waste resources.

So some genius released this program.
Just run this program, then u will get the unlockable weapons or hats.

Download Here
Before running this program, make sure u have installed Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package

PS. Damn I haven’t get any hats until now, that pyro hat is really cute!