Monthly Archives: July 2009


After i get the wallet , key and mobile, i’ll go out at the normal school day.
But, I can’t find my wallet!
Oh god the time is 7:34 now.
So i didn’t think about it, go to grab some bux and go out.

When i get on the bus, then i started to think.
Where is my wallet?
As i remember, last time i used in minibus.

Fortunately,someone just pick up.
And notice my school that my wallet is there.

After school, i go there and get back my wallet.
Those money was gone, but those freakin cards still there.
Yesterday i still thinking when i will lost my octopus card (In F1-F3,i lost 3 octopuses)
And ♥♥♥♥ that guy who steal my money!


All students are being idle.
Sure, its included me.
And makes me got a lot of type to do anything.
Like typing blog, sleeping, studying…

Today, I want to talk about “Sister”.
I’m quite wondering why people who haven’t a sister are wanted to have one.

But me, dont want to.
First, i owns a bad sister.
Maybe u are thinking almost sister is good.
According my logic, bad things is more than good things.
So, no more day dreaming.

Next, as a real parents.
You never have any sexual fantasies on her.
Even watch she as a boy.

Finally, almost female are same.
In home, u will see her real face.
Violent, rude , rough…
In street, she will pretend as tender as well.

If you are kind of sister, dont be serious.
If you are that kind of brother, stop day dreaming.


I feel bad from sunday until now.
Behind navel is paining.
I guess that i got chronic appendicitis.

For me, i dun like to see a doctor until i pain like crazy.
But this time, i’ll go see doctor as soon as possible.
Because chronic appendicitis can make me lethal.
If i really got it, maybe i can’t go school for a while.
So dont be scared when you guys are not seeing me.

Finally, i went to a hair salon to cut off my hair.
That feel is really great!