Monthly Archives: January 2010


Camera is quite important for me.

It can take photo, to reserve the moment that u think is important.
It can take video, actually same as taking photo.

I won’t require a dslr to taking photo, because that is really expensive.
Although the picture of dslr have a better quality than a dc, dc is enough for me.

Yes I should use my old camera until I buy a new one, i will take a photo as possible in every blog entries.

There is one.

From now on, I will use my computer to search data, read the news and idling only.
And keep it until ce finish.

I feel that is a important things to me.
CE is coming so quick, and I just notice that recently.
I’m going to start my study. 


When I on the way to home, I saw the car on the road and think:
Will I have a car before 20 years old?

My parents won’t sponsor me on these expensive things. Even they said I have to use my own money to learn how to drive and get a driver license.

After my calculation, it takes me about $30000 to get a driver license and buy a second hand car.

I have to get a job in 18 years old, save $2000 per month. I need to do that for one year and few months. Then I can finish my mission.

If I have to make it become true, i have to stop day-dreaming and work hard, get a good result in hkcee.


My birthday is coming soon,
Its time for me to planing things…

When there is my classmates birthday,
It always have someone around them and celebrate it together.
I want it too…

I know that is about my character.
I think i’m quite quiet all the time.
I just dont want to play with those suck ass classmate.
They just let me feel they are stupid.

In this year,
I will be more extrovert, and stupid.

PS: Just take a soldier hat, but soldier is suck for me.

I hope that i will get my pyro hats when it is my birthday.

How to pronounce this word?

I don’t know why,
My Maths teacher teach us how to pronounce “mister” this word.

He said mister that t sound is d,
So we should pronounce mister as misder.
Reason is “stand”,”star” that t sound is d and it is smoother”

But i don’t believe him,
Because I never heard a man say “misder”.

I find google’s online dictionary and proof that is wrong.
And I’m right.|zh-TW&q=mister