Monthly Archives: January 2010


When I go into classroom,
I realize that I am getting old.

After the Christmas holiday,
Our classroom has been moved to 5th floor for temporary.

Everyday, I have to climb up 5 floor.
It makes me know how weak I am.

When we are getting older,
We have less chance to do the things what we like.

Should I do the things I like now?
Or just studying in the home all day and enjoy the result of studying?

That’s really hard to choose.  

Yeah it's back

Jeffrey’s blog is back!

Since I feeling my life is going badly,
I stop update the blog for few months.

Until now,
I think that is gone.

In the christmas holiday,
I have to tidy up my room. (My father’s order)
Actually I want to clean my room too,
but I don’t have such power to do it.

After that
I have nice,bigger room (threw alot of e-zone)

But I notice that I lost some book,
that’s really annoyed me.

The reason why I am typing this is
I found those freaking book.
So I feels quite freedom now (我好有責任感)

Expect for one,
that is I forgot SMS to dark to remind him.
That’s my fault
I feel very sorry for that.

the new year was arrived.
Hope that the bad luck is gone.
And i have to finish my English writing,
English news paper cutting,
Economics studying and
English book reading. (I have to present it tomorrow)