Just passed physics,chinese,maths and chem.
I’m not sure i will get pass chinese and maths. xx(

Still have three subject to go,
those are economics, english and biology.
When i going to study economics,
I found that i lost a textbook.
Actually that textbook was lost a long long period.

The only thing that i can do is search my box which arround the computer desk.

As you can see,
that box included lots of book and lots of dirt.
So you can know that i wont touch that box if nothing special.

When i open this box,
its surprises me.
I even don’t know in that box is full of ce notes and some books for ce.

I have to thank my sister,
if u don’t reserve those book to me,
I think i will totally fail in this fucking ce. (Although u own these books and u still get a fucking result)

Fuck, only left few hours to study.

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