CE is over.
I feel happy and sad.
Happy is that I don’t need to study anymore.
Sad is I dont have any target now…

Everyday i just stay in my home and playing game.
Just wasting my life…
But I don’t have any money to go out and play,
and my fucking parents just blaming me why just playing games all day.
I just wondering what can i do if I am not playing games…
My parents said I should tidy up my room.

And i finish it so?
I don’t have anything to do again.

Before i just hope i have a summer holiday like that long.
But i dont want now

PS.: I just hate someone is inviting me for chipping few hundred in a fucking lunch or dinner,
and I have to sit for few fucking hours to wait for leave.

PS.1: Thanks for “The Hypochondriac” to providing this domain.

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