New company, and new life?

Just finished the 3 months holiday, and I need to work again.
The one reason that I need a job again because I dont have enough money to use,
bought few lenses then empty my packet.
The another reason is that I am having enough times for nothing to do, it is really really boring at home.

So I used a week for sending cv out, and finally got some response.
I am ordered to go sheung wan for a interview.
The first impressions for this company is not bad, at least I can see hong kong harbour outside the windows.
And the environment is much much nicer than the previous company.
The lastest company’s I work in there,that environment just one word to describe, RUBBISH.

But still have few things I noticed, and makes me don’t want to work in here.
First, when I having interview here, I saw only have one staff is working there.
It must be very boring for working in here.
And then, that staff is middle aged.
So I know I can’t meet some new, nice friend in this company already.
It is quite desperate tho.
Lastly, the manager says lots of things about this company and the jobs i am going to do.
It is very complicated and it is hardly to say here.
Simply put, this job need a very responsible person to do it. (Which i am not suitable for this job)

The manager said she had interviewed few people already.
And I am glad to hear it because it means I may not be hired in this company.
She told me have to wait until Monday to know am I be hired.

So it is Monday 19:00, the manager still not phone me yet.
I am a bit happy that because i don’t need to work in there.
And suddenly, 19:01, she phoned me.

It means I have to work in that damn boring company and having something responsible.
Oh my god xx(
I forced my self to think it is good.
Working in there have a pretty good salary, I can use it to buy lenses or having some investment.

As i worked for few days in this company, and I feel really boring in here.
Just sitting in front of the computer and not allow to browsing website.
It so damn boring here, and two middle aged colleague are actually quite friendly.
So i don’t have too much pressure from them.
Plus manager and the boss are quite late to come back in this company.
I can use the morning to go the website I liked.
Like now, I am using the morning time to type this blog.
Until now, it is feeling not bad in here.
But just feeling f*cking boring here!
No chance for meeting nice female colleague, just like having no salary for working here.

Although I knew working is won’t be interesting, at least give me some nice colleague!
For giving me some power to work!
I am having lunch alone for everyday.
I have to walk 15 minutes from mtr stations to company.
And now, the fu*king shit weather makes me feel so bad, and sweat so much.

The only things can let me excited is learning drive…

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