Just bored… and feeling bad

After a few day of new company, I can just feeling bored at all.
Plus the unpredictable weather let me get a cold, running nose, sore throat, headache, muscle pain… all let me feeling so bad.

In this company, I can sit all day and doing nothing.
Some of you guys may feel my job is not bad.
Sitting and no one can talk to really make me bored to die.

I think i have to find a new job soon…:)
Or just sitting in this company for few months for those job experience record…

One thought on “Just bored… and feeling bad

  1. 比分

    文章太好了,嘿嘿,过来顶顶博主,加油~!…壬辰年(龙)四月初七 2012-4-27

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