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Great theory

When a people is getting old, likes me.
He will need more and more money.

So, where the money come from?
Your parents?
They won’t support u forever.

When i bathing, i was thinking the english test at last week.
Many of my classmate failed.
only few classmate passed, included me.
But i feel that i was lucky so i passed,
and won’t happen in next time.
Can i prevent the something simular happen again?

I think that i must become more hard working.
I saw many of my f.5 friends,
they are quite painful for the ce.

I must learn more vocabulary to prevent fail.
Also i know that my grammar is great,
so i planned to learn 3 words in one day and try to do the exercise on my grammar book.

I hope that englsih won’t fail in ce.
Maybe i write the simular things ever week can improve my english lololol